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Collezione Butterfly Jewellery by La Maison Lion

ph.elvira.leone ph: Elvira Leone, model: Georgia Estelle Baker e MUA: Alice Baratto

new fabrics for the collection spring/summer 2015

cristina-pincin1 Today the butterfly flew to the Maison,with the new silk embroidery ivory. A butterfly in art nouveau fot Home Collection 2015. textiles bag La Maison Lion Fancy fabrics for the collection bags for men and women, fabrics recovery of the 1960-70 made in Italy…what is their origin? You’ll find out soon…;-)

preview shotting with the Cristina Pincin Stilyst

Cristina Pincin

Open the window: A preview of the location that will present the new collection 2015 – Home & Fashion La Maison Lion – with the stylist Cristina Pincin.


An abandoned building in the countryside, an architecture of the twentieth century. Dusty rooms where nature has found his space. Silence, rubble, broken windows, souls who whisper…


A forgotten history that will live with the collection created for “charming lifestyle for charming people” the payoff of the brand La Maison Lion.


Each item is unique and handmade in Italy with recycled materials from around the word.

Dyeing and washing is done with natural products in harmony with nature.

Cristina.Pincin.StylistA window on the history to become soon a contemporary story of lifestyle.

Close the window: this place has inspired the next video you will see the collection set and ready to live it.

Presentation Official Video and  Home Collection (next spring 2015)
Photo by Marika Lion

The International Best Dresser

Today’s blog opens a new page entirely dedicated to people style, men and women who are characterized by them lifestyle.


 Marco Zambaldo

showroom zambaldo

The Show Room Zambaldo MZArchive

Open the blog with Marco Zambaldo, italian best dresser, founder of the brand MZ The showroom Zambaldo is was created from his, with the idea of ginvin if location a new and innovative style…insights

Marco Zambaldo

Marco Zambaldo .. member of the fashion system … lover of art, contemporary art collector…


Marco Z

Marco Z.

the journey of Marika and Cristina

lamaisonlio textiles collection

The journey of marika and cristina does not stop…we are collecting fabulous fabrics, transparent and colorful, cotton light as feather. Antique Kilim, cotton mats decorated, printed fabrics with sophisticated patterns, all to continue to compose new objects in the collection 2015.

now we share … and have a nice day :-)

Voyage of Discovery collection

Tendance pour la maison: Inspirations exotiques d’Afrique, des Caraïbes ou d’Amérique Latine… De quoi voyager, lové en toute quiétude dans son canapé.

by: Le Figaro – Photo credits: Dr, Mel Yates,

the first tissue of the La Maison Lion Collection P/E 2015


Today arrived the first tissues (cotton, linen, hemp, all from vintage fabrics) in the colors of the home collection 2015 (spring and summer)…but only the first part … many more surprises are kept in a suitcase.